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About us

gulliver is a real estate developer focusing on social projects. Our little team bundles creative drive, real estate expertise and solidarity thinking.

In partnership with our strong affiliated company Hanna gGmbH Kita Trägerschaften we create daycare centers (Kindertagesstätten). Since founding gulliver in 2010 there is a track record of 4 new facilities providing space for additional 390 children. Our future aim is to develop shools alongside our core product.

In Berlin Weißensee gulliver is finishing a modern apartment building. On that basis we will target affordable residential projects in the low to mid-range sector.

Exciting and complex locations are motivating us daily. Thus we are driven by the belief that providing social infrastructure in the sectors of education and culture as well as housing can be managed in close cooperation between the public sector and the private economie!

A growing team of financing partners is backing our projects. Professional external planning and construction teams make sure our buildings get realised solid and safe.

Motivation, performance and courage set the base of gullivers work.

gulliver Team: Hartmut Horst, Jan Eickhoff, Manuel Schottmüller

Our Team

Manuel Schottmüller
General Manager

Hartmut Horst
General Manager

Jan Eickhoff
Planing, Project Management
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt / MSc REM

Saskia Send, Project Assistence
Vilma Glomba, Accounting


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