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Kita Paule

The Fennpfuhl - crocodile

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In Berlins city district Lichtenberg Fennpfuhl we managed to win a public competition dated 2012 to refurbish and recreate a former DDR-Plattenbau into a Kita that will be operated by our partner Hanna gGmbH.

The building is part of a former school campus and sits vakant for over 20 years. After signing the liscence agreements with the city district the first task was to separate the designated Kita-building from the courtyard creating an own access from the public road. The building is already stripped out and the raw construction will be knocked down by a third of its size. That way the remaining space leaves room for the desired number of 140 kids to be hosted. After the partial demolition the building will be fitted out to todays latest standards including an own kitchen to serve the facility.

The building will be terraced towards the neighbouring Fennpfuhlpark while it remains ist shape towards the shool block. That way each level of the building gets direct outdoor access via new terraces and concrete stayways into the huge playground area with over 2.000 sqm of free development opportunities for the children.

To set a strong sign of the buildings “re-birth” and an optimistic appearance the buildings design and materiality will create a sculpture: “Paule” – the Fennpfuhl- crocodile.

The investment is subsidiced by ca. one third over all by governmental funding. The works have started in November 2013 and will conclude in the Kita-opening end of 2014. In line with the excellent cooperation with the districts authorities we are taking future interest in participating with the neighbored school redevelopment.


At one look

Landlord/operator: Hanna gGmbH
Child care places: 140
Size of land: 4.500 sam
Net space building: 1.447 sam

Project investment: 3,05 Mio. EUR

Beginn construction works: November 2013
Kita-opening: February 2015

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Project development
Architectural design
Project management

Paul-Junius-Straße 67

Presentation of the project by the Senate of Berlin

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